“At the heart of what we do is innovation and excellence.  It distinguishes leaders from followers.  Our commitment is to lead our clients to the best reinsurance solutions, not simply follow traditional propositions that do not reflect or predict the changing environment.” 

David Howell
Chief Executive Officer | Division


Fuelled by our pursuit for excellence and a quest to innovate, we proudly do things differently. 

Our story began with a vision to revolutionise reinsurance and redefine the status quo. We no longer wanted business as usual and we knew clients were searching for smarter, more personalised, transparent solutions.  So, we set out to reimagine the possibilities; to develop products and an approach which would truly make a difference. We wanted to build a company which reflected the world as it is now and what it would be in the future. 

Today, we are one of the largest and most experienced in the longevity market and are continuing our rapid growth internationally with offices across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. 

Our global team, comprised of the best minds in the industry, are not afraid to disrupt and challenge industry thinking to provide the best Life, Critical Illness, Income Protection, Hospital Cash and Longevity reinsurance products and services possible. 

We pursue personalised, bespoke solutions for every one of our clients and our commitment to cutting-edge technology reflects our ambition to offer the most sophisticated answers to the most challenging reinsurance questions.  

Working in some of the most complex and fast moving markets has taught us that knowledge and innovation must go hand in hand.  By seeking to manage risk, rather than eliminating it, our team is always learning, researching and rethinking the best solutions to the challenges our clients face. 

As our relatively short history reveals, we are one of the youngest players in the reinsurance market.  We are proud of our beginnings and we celebrate our youth because it is what keeps us tenacious, agile and energised.  We are equally proud of the security and freedom we possess from having the backing of our parent company Pacific Life.  With a heritage of 150 years, Pacific Life provides strength and resilience to our business which enables us to bring our fresh and dynamic approach to the marketplace.