“Despite being a simpler, smarter journey, the UnderwriteMe point of sale underwriting system (POSUS) involves no compromise on product or price, so LifeSearch clients get the same personal, bespoke advice they expect but faster and with no uncertainty.”

Tom Baigrie
Founder & CEO | LifeSearch


UnderwriteMe is a key part of Pacific Life Re’s reinsurance proposition internationally and was developed by a team with extensive experience in the Protection industry.  UnderwriteMe has two propositions:

  A multi-insurer comparison service in the UK; and
  A suite of new business technology offered internationally.

Instead of the traditional, fractured process, the UK comparison service provides distributors with a free single process to quote, underwrite and buy multiple protection products from a range of providers.

The new business technology suite has four key components: a Rules Engine, Workbench, User Interface and Business Analytics, which are all built on the latest technology and can be used on a standalone single insurer basis. 

The speed and power of our technology can reduce cost significantly and remove inefficiencies in existing Protection sales processes; which gives our clients an opportunity to grow their footprint in the market.

UnderwriteMe continuously looks to the future and works closely with key decision makers and potential customers to ensure that every component is the best in its class for ease of use, performance and ability to integrate. 

To harness the potential that technology brings to modern underwriting, click here or contact us for more information.


Rules Engine

Designed by underwriters for underwriters, the Rules Engine comes with a full set of rules across all Protection products that has been developed based on Pacific Life Re’s leading Underwriting manual, Ocean.

Everything is configurable and no coding or IT support is required.  Creating brand new rules or amending rules to replicate existing philosophies is simple.  The Rules Engine delivers a high level of immediate decisions to meet customers’ ‘buy now’ expectations, or indicative loadings and premium ranges to avoid surprises.  



The Workbench makes referred cases easy, by allowing underwriters to input decisions manually, request medical or financial evidence and manage their workflow.  This system is designed to make it more cost effective and efficient for clients to manage their businesses.


Business Analytics

The Business Analytics tool enables clients to transform big data into valuable information.  It helps make sense of large data so that clients can better understand their business performance. 

Clients have the ability to use the data to create customised reports and dashboards using a simple ‘drag and drop’ report builder.  The web-based MI portal allows clients to perform detailed analysis to make better informed decisions. 


User Interface

The User Interface is a responsive front-end that works perfectly on computers, tablets and phones.  It integrates seamlessly with the Rules Engine to deliver a smooth customer experience, allowing the application to be completed quickly and efficiently.  Its genuine ‘plug-and-play’ functionality enables companies to get to market rapidly, with minimum development overhead, providing a modern and cutting-edge front-end for any business.