When you set out to revolutionise an industry, the team charged to do it must be the right mix of qualified, ambitious, brave and tenacious professionals.  Our international leadership team represents a wealth of knowledge and experience, and together, they are responsible for our remarkable global growth and the reinvigorated style of business we have pioneered along the way. 


David Howell
Chief Executive Officer

David manages our global reinsurance and retrocession business.  He has over 25 years’ experience in life reinsurance, having held a variety of senior roles with Swiss Re and Mercantile & General Reinsurance.  Under David’s leadership, we have grown from a niche reinsurer to a significant player in the global reinsurance market with material and increasing market shares in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.  

“Our success so far is just the beginning.  Insurance has always been viewed as an oil tanker of an industry but our company’s commitment to excellence and innovation – highlighted by our investment in UnderwriteMe – will drive a rapid change in the way insurance is written over the coming decade.”


George Scott
General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer

George is responsible for legal, compliance and risk management activities across the company and he and his team manage the relationships with our primary insurance regulators including the PRA, OSFI and APRA.  As Chief Risk Officer he oversees the governance and validation of our economic capital models, including the partial internal model used to calculate regulatory capital requirements for much of the business. 

“We have grown to be a significant player in the markets we operate in.  I'm inspired by the enthusiasm and ability of our staff to develop local expertise that equals or surpasses that of the more established players in the market.”


Jerry Staffurth
Chief Actuary

Jerry is responsible for actuarial reporting across the global business, including quarterly reporting on multiple bases: US GAAP, Solvency II and Economic Capital.  He is also responsible for the actuarial modelling team which develops and maintains the actuarial models used across most of the Division.  Jerry is a member of the PLRL Board, DRMC, Assumptions and Investment Committees.

“I’m inspired by the collaborative way our people here work, both internally and externally.  It is why we have the global standing we have today.” 

Warren Copp

Warren Copp
Chief Underwriter

Warren was part of our founding Executive team and has been directly involved in building our client-facing proposition as the business has evolved.  His current role incorporates global responsibility for underwriting and claims standards, as well as for challenging traditional practices in these disciplines through the use of technology.  He is also Non-Executive Chair of UnderwriteMe – a business which is making life insurance easier to buy through state-of-the-art digital capability. 

“I am proud to represent a business that challenges convention and makes a practical difference to our clients and their customers in areas that really matter.  I think that you either dwell on problems or strive to make things better – we work hard to do the latter.” 


Duncan Hayward
Chief Financial Officer

Duncan has been the Chief Financial Officer for ten years, and during this time he has guided the company through a major growth phase, including adapting to a new regulatory regime in Europe.  He has been responsible for establishing the administrative and support functions in the areas of Finance, IT and Operations, including the transformation of systems, processes and controls, to the global solutions we use today. 

“With a changing life reinsurance market, regulatory change and our own global growth, we have had to continually evolve our structure, infrastructure and processes to match the demands on our support functions.  Through some innovative and adaptive thinking and a focus on solution delivery, we have built a scaleable platform for further growth in our business.”


Paul Lewis
Chief Pricing Officer

As Chief Pricing Officer, Paul oversees pricing standards across all of our operations, as well as having oversight of the Research and Development function.  He has established industry leading pricing practices along with the delivery of reinsurance terms for Term Assurance, Mortality, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Longevity solutions.  He has played a significant role in us becoming - and remaining - a leading reinsurer in the UK Longevity risk market and one of the significant players in the UK Protection reinsurance market.

“Being in a positon to contribute to the direction of different insurance markets, driving the developments in analytics and supporting the innovation of the next generation of insurance products is a very rewarding part of the role.”


Darren Spriggs
Managing Director | Europe

Darren leads the European Business Unit and has been in the company since May 2016. Prior to joining Pacific Life Re, Darren held leading roles at both insurers and intermediaries, which now combined with his reinsurance experience, gives him a unique understanding of the insurance value chain.

“The European Business Unit continues to grow, enhancing its reputation for flexibility, innovation and service.  The driving force behind this growing reputation is the quality of our people, their skills and the resulting client relationships.  We continue to invest in our people, ensuring we add to our team with the best skills available and continue to go from strength to strength.”


Alex King
Managing Director | Asia

Alex leads the team in Asia, working in close partnership with clients to develop new propositions for their customers.  He has over 20 years of experience in the UK and Asia Protection markets.  Since assuming the Managing Director role in September 2013, Alex has built the team from 25 to 80 people strong, and has led the opening of our offices in Korea and China, significantly broadening our Asia client base.  

“Protection forms the bedrock of financial advice.  We proudly innovate by bringing new propositions to our clients so they can reach out to more customers.  We provide wide perspectives on important matters; and we intuitively identify and solve our clients' problems.”


Andrew Gill
Managing Director | Australia

Andrew is responsible for founding our Australian office which has grown to over 50 staff since it was first established in 2015.  Under his leadership, Pacific Life Re has successfully entered into the Australian group and retail markets, and has more recently been successful in bringing UnderwriteMe to Australia, through a number of partnerships with local insurers. 

“Successful companies develop sustainable comparative advantage.  We have spent considerable time in building underwriting, claims and research solutions that we feel provide a genuine comparative advantage to the Australian market and see this as our point of differentiation.”


Robert Diefenbacher
Senior Vice President | North America

Bob is responsible for our life retrocession business.  He established the Boston office of Manulife Reinsurance in 2004, and ran the life retrocession business prior to its purchase by Pacific Life in 2011, where he then transitioned it (along with all staff) to Pacific Life Re.  He has extensive experience in the insurance industry, having worked in a variety of pricing and product development roles at both insurance and reinsurance companies.

“We pride ourselves in being professional and acting with integrity in all our client relationships.  The true measure of whether a company behaves in an ethical and trustworthy fashion is how it acts after the deal is signed.  Acting ethically is a foundational value upon which our business rests.”