At Pacific Life Re, we believe sharing is good, so we would like to share our latest external presentations with you.

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Europe | November 2017 | Life Conference

Developments in Longevity Swaps

Andrew Murphy, our Head of Longevity Inforce and Origination spoke at the Life Conference on the topic of Developments in Longevity Swaps.  His talk focussed on how longevity swaps can be extended to smaller pension schemes and deferred pensions as well as the importance of simplified processes and structures.

Europe | April 2017 | Westminster & City Bulk Annuities Conference

Small Schemes - Lessons Learnt

Andrew Murphy, our Head of Longevity Inforce and Origination, spoke at the Westminster & City Bulk Annuities conference.  His presentation focussed on lessons learnt in writing longevity swaps for smaller pension schemes, highlighting the importance of simplified and streamlined processes.

Asia | 20th March 2017 | 12th Asia Conference on Healthcare & Health Insurance

Diabetics: Who's Looking After Them?

Jeff Cook, Head of Underwriting & Claims, Product & SE Asian Marketing, discussed the global burden of the disease, medical and technological advances to fight diabetes, as well as shared ideas on how the industry could move forward to further address the cause. 

Australia | March 2017 | ASFA Spotlight on Insurance Conference

Complaints about Bad Coffee?

Pacific Life Re Australia was one of the sponsors of the ASFA Spotlight on Insurance conference, held in Sydney.  Ilan Leas, Head of Marketing, participated as part of a panel discussion on customer engagement, and in particular, discussed getting more on the front foot by sharing good stories around the value of the life insurance industry.