The team in our North America office is responsible for building client relationships and developing innovative and creative propositions for our clients in North America. 


Robert Diefenbacher FSA, MAAA
Senior Vice President, Retrocession

Bob is responsible for our life retrocession business.  He established the Boston office of Manulife Reinsurance in 2004, and ran the life retrocession business prior to its purchase by Pacific Life in 2011, where he then transitioned it (along with all staff) to Pacific Life Re.  He has extensive experience in the insurance industry, having worked in a variety of pricing and product development roles at both insurance and reinsurance companies.

"We pride ourselves in being professional and acting with integrity in all our client relationships.  The true measure of whether a company behaves in an ethical and trustworthy fashion is how it acts after the deal is signed.  Acting ethically is a foundational value upon which our business rests."

Scott McInturff

Scott McInturff FSA, MAAA
Vice President, Pricing

Scott joined us as Vice President of Pricing in January 2012.  He leads a team of pricing actuaries and provides the actuarial analysis, which allows for an effective acquisition of new business, management of inforce business, and optimizes corporate profitability.

"Our company is a dynamic, flexible and forward-thinking organisation with a strong work culture.  We have a diverse set of employees who work together to bring their distinct approaches to solving problems to produce superior results - our success is testimony to that."


Jill Dupuis FLMI, ARA, ACS
Vice President, Operations

Jill develops and delivers the overall strategy for our Retro Operations team, which supports the company's strategic objectives and manages operational risk.  She is passionate  about the reinsurance industry and about fostering ongoing industry education.  She has been an active participant in the Life Office Management Association (LOMA) and the Reinsurance Administration Professionals Association (RAPA), having served on RAPA's Data and Education Committees.  She is currently serving as the secretary for RAPA's Board.

"I believe our company's biggest asset is our people.  What inspires me about working here is our strong corporate culture and our workplace behaviours - they align perfectly with my own personal values."


Brett Laker ALMI
Vice President and Account Executive

Brett is responsible for the client account management aspect for our life retrocession business.  On top of that, he holds responsibility over the claims adjudication process, underwriting, and marketing and communications team.  He has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, of which he spent 10 years specializing in retrocession.

"Having worked in reinsurance companies in various capacities throughout much of my career, the primary attraction that has held my interest are the people.  I've been both a client and a service provider, and I have enjoyed the shared philosophy of honesty and integrity to build sustainable business partnerships."


Joel Cornberg FSA, FCIA, MAAA
Chief Agent, Canada Branch; Vice President, Risk Management

Joel joined us as Vice President of Risk Management in June 2012.  After establishing and leading the business unit's risk management function, he took on the project of establishing Pacific Life Re's Canada branch, and now serves as its Chief Agent.

"I'm proud that our high ethical standards and ease of doing business makes us our clients' preferred choice.  Our great culture and positive attitude have already taken us a long way, and we continue to reinforce them as we grow."


Matthew Smith
Head of Divisional Research & Development

Matthew started working for Pacific Life Re in 2007 in the London office, and in 2017, he moved to Toronto.  He manages the R&D team across the Division and is responsible for best estimate assumption setting and capital model development across all lines of business.  During his time at Pacific Life Re, he has supported the development of our Longevity reinsurance offering and is a regular speaker and contributor at actuarial conferences and events.

"Looking to the future of the reinsurance market, I'd like to see a data-driven, collaborative approach, where insurers and reinsurers work in partnership to support innovation in underwriting, products and distribution."


Richard Chevalier
Vice President, Corporate Actuarial

Richard has over 20 years' experience in the North American life insurance industry, including 7 years specialising in the retrocession market. He is primarily responsible for the valuation and reporting of the actuarial liabilities for North America, under US GAAP, Canadian IFRS, US Statutory, Solvency II, and Economic Capital standards. Richard is a Fellow of both the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries, and within Pacific Life Re he is a member of the Retro Risk Management and Investment Management committees.

"I am inspired most by the way Pacific Life Re goes about solving business problems, and the respect they have for employees and customers."


Bill Whistle
Vice President, Finance

Bill has over 15 years' experience in the reinsurance industry, specialising in finance, accounting and business development.  He joined Pacific Life Re in 2017 and is responsible for the finance function in the Retrocession division.

"I enjoy challenging the status quo and the breadth of unique issues experienced in the reinsurance industry motivates me to learn and positively contribute in any way I can."


Jingping Wang
Assistant Vice President, IT

Jingping leads the IT team in our Life Retrocession business unit. She is responsible for the overall planning, organising, and execution of all IT functions.  Her role involves collaborating with business leaders to gain an understanding of the needs of the business, and then adapting IT departmental plans and priorities to address business and operational challenges; managing and ensuring compliance with IT standards and procedures for implementing technical solutions; as well as supporting and maintaining existing applications and development of new technical solutions.

"Working at Pacific Life Re gives me a unique and rewarding opportunity to be part of the growth of our business."


Melissa Kurz
Vice President, Human Resources

Melissa is responsible for HR and Facilities in Canada and the US.  She oversees all aspects of the employment experience, including but not limited to recruitment, onboarding, performance management, compensation and benefits, training and development, and payroll.  Melissa first joined the business in 2011, and since then has led a variety of global projects, such as redesigning the employee survey, launching a new candidate management system, and replacing the HR system to ensure the best employee experience. 

"Our biggest differentiator is our culture and our people.  I’m proud to say we have some of the best and brightest people at PL Re.  We believe that some of the key ingredients to a successful business are a healthy culture, and highly engaged employees.”


Kim Holas
Assistant Vice President, Legal Counsel

Kim joined the Toronto office in 2015, bringing with her over ten years of legal experience in the financial services / regulatory compliance field.  Kim is responsible for legal, privacy and compliance matters for the Retro business unit and is also the Chief Compliance Officer for the Canadian branch.

"I am constantly motivated by the incredibly smart, practical, forward-thinking and fair-minded people I work with."