The team in our Australia office is responsible for building client relationships and developing innovative and creative propositions for our clients throughout Australia.


Andrew Gill
Managing Director

Andrew is responsible for founding our Australian office, which has grown to over 50 staff since it was first established in 2015.  Under his leadership, Pacific Life Re has successfully entered into the Australian group and retail markets, and has more recently been successful in bringing UnderwriteMe to Australia, through a number of partnerships with local insurers.

"Successful companies develop sustainable comparative advantage.  We have spent considerable time in building underwriting, claims and research solutions that we feel provide a genuine comparative advantage to the Australian market, and see this as our point of differentiation."


Francis Burgess
Head of Pricing

Francis is the Head of Pricing and is responsible for pricing all of Pacific Life Re's protection business in Australia.  He developed the pricing team from scratch when the Sydney office was launched in 2016.  Francis has extensive experience in Protection pricing, both for individual and group business and is an Actuary with over 25 years’ experience.  Francis is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

"Look after your team and they will look after you."


Brett Fearnley
Head of Underwriting and Claims

With over 25 years' industry experience, Brett is responsible for managing the underwriting and claims strategy and operations in Australia.  Brett is a past President of the Sydney Senior Underwriter Risk Forum, an Associate and Certified Insurance Professional of the Australian and New Zealand Insurance Institution, and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Life Underwriting and Claims Association.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."  ~ (Henry Ford)


Wayne Miller
Head of Finance and Operations

Wayne joined the Australian business in March 2015, just as the business was being established.  He is a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with over 20 years' experience in executive financial management, including 10 years' experience in the insurance industry in Australia.  He is also the Chairman of the Australia Investment Committee, which oversees the investment portfolio of circa US$250m.

"I am inspired by how we do business as a global company.  Our mutual ownership structure means that we are not driven by short-term profits, and we look to the long-term without the short-term demands of external shareholders.  This allows us to invest in systems, capabilities and new markets with a long-term investment horizon."


Bill Monday
Chief Medical Officer

With over 20 years of experience, Bill's role is to integrate and share knowledge on insurance medicine and provide medical input to assist the underwriting, claims and actuarial teams with medical expertise in Australia and Asia.  An integral part of his role is to also provide medical input into the R&D teams to build their understanding of how medical advances will impact on business lines such as longevity risk.

"I enjoy the more intimate and nimble approach that Pacific Life Re has to business and the feeling that we are all working together as a team rather than the silo mentality often found in other companies.  I am a firm believer of a multi-disciplinary approach to develop optimal solutions for our clients."


Colette Reid
Appointed Actuary & Head of Actuarial Reporting

Colette is a qualified Actuary (FIAA), having worked in life and general insurance and reinsurance for over 25 years.  She has worked at other reinsurers across London and Sydney; spending 10 years in reinsurance corporate actuarial roles.  Colette has extensive experience working in bancassurance, having spent a number of years at CommInsure as Risk Portfolio Actuary and two years at MLC as Head of Pricing and Profitability.

"To me, people come first and I love finding solutions to challenging and unusual risks that support our clients."


Claire Woods
Director, Human Resources

Claire manages our human resources function in Australia and along with a small team, she is responsible for proactively managing all aspects of an employee's life cycle, from recruitment, induction, performance management, development planning and beyond.

"Working at Pacific Life Re gives me a unique and rewarding opportunity to be part of the rapid growth of the Australian business.  I have the opportunity to work on a variety of worthwhile and exciting initiatives, all which align the business to our target culture."


Daragh Brady
Head of Risk, Australia & Asia

Daragh is responsible for overseeing the risk management and ORSA of our Australian and Asian businesses.  He is a qualified actuary with broad international experience in the actuarial, finance and risk management functions, and brings a wealth of experience, having worked in life insurance and pension roles in both Australia and Ireland.

"As a company, we are innovators, where creative thinking is balanced with sound risk management."


David Gurney
Head of Legal & Risk, Australia & Asia

David joined us in our London office in 2010 as Legal Counsel, in 2015, he took on the position of General Counsel for Australia and Asia and has since been promoted to Head of Legal and Risk.  He leads a small team of lawyers in Asia and Australia, and his responsibilities include negotiating and drafting reinsurance transaction agreements, company secretarial duties and leading our compliance function.

"We move quickly to pursue and implement reinsurance transactions, but this is based on rational and well thought through long-term business decisions.  Our mutual ownership structure means that we have the ability to take a long-term view."

Brendon Gerding

Brendon Gerding
Head of R&D

Brendon is responsible for driving the development of analytical tools, knowledge and capabilities around the business, as well as conducting best estimate and stressed assumption setting for in-force and new business.  He has experience in pricing Reinsurance deals across Asia, Europe and North America, and currently oversees R&D across Asia and Australia. 

"We have a genuine interest in improving industry and customer outcomes and are not afraid to be different in our approach."